Prototypes solve difficult design problems
Designing a part can be a difficult process with many questions.
That's why Precision Coil Spring works with our customers to design prototypes, helping create the best possible application while answering any questions that may come up early in the process.  
Prototyping lets our customers test designs in real time. Our engineers work closely with our customer's design engineers to determine necessary requirements, the best alloy to use, and the correct form, fit and function.
This collaboration between engineers helps to solve the most difficult design problems and produce almost any shape and geometric feature required. The prototype spring allows customers to test a product's function in the application before a mass production run takes place.
Precision Coil Springs normally make prototypes with the same machine to have the closest actual results.  However, if there are time constraints, we can hand form them for a quicker turn around. 
To request a prototype spring, call us at (626) 444-0561 or complete a Request a Quote or Ask an Engineer form and our engineers will work closely with you to get your project off the ground.

Made in the USA Nadcap PRI ITAR JCP