wire forms retain components in position and allow for deflection square wire

    Order quantities can range from hand-produced prototypes to large quantities run on
    4-slide   machines or CNC wire formers. Alloys range from low-cost carbon steels
    through the super alloys, including titanium, to meet your functional and
    environmental conditions.
    Examples of wire forms include insulation holders of soft materials and hinge pins on
    doors or flappers.



Recommended Thickness Range*
Condition 1, 2 ,3
General usage except where corrosion resistance is required. Condition 1 or 2 required heat treatment after forming. Condition 3 is spring temper condition.
Less than .125
(3.18 mm) for condition 1, 2 and 3
Full Hard
AMS 5519
Comp 301
Condition Hard
General usage for corrosion resistant springs.
or less (3.18 mm)
17-7 PH CRES
Condition A
AMS 5528
High strength and corrosion resistant. Use Condition A (annealed) if spring must be formed prior to heat treatment. Condition C is cold rolled to 200 KSI (14061 Kg/cm2) min at the mill.
.125 (3.18 mm) for Condition A and .008-.50 (.20 -1.27 mm) for condition C
17-7 CRES
Condition C
AMS 5678
Corrosion resistant high strength steel springs. Precipitation harden to CH900 condition after forming
.125 (3.18 mm) for Condition A and .008-.50 (.20 -1.27 mm) for condition C
Inconel X-750 Solution Treated
AMS 5598
Use for springs required optimum resistance to relaxation in the 700F (371C) to 1000F (538C) range with low stresses. Usually precipitation heated at 1350F (731C) for 8 hours followed by furnace cool to 1150F (621C) and then hold at 1150 F (621C) for 18 hours; air cool.
Less than .125 (3.18 mm) for condition 1, 2, 3
Bronze A
(Spring Temper)
Comp. A or Comp. D
Use where corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and high strength are required. Comp A is lower strength but generally more available than Comp D. Non-magnetic.
(.20-1.57 mm)
AMS 4914
Use for corrosion and stress corrosion spring and where light resistant required.
(.51-12.7 mm)


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