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Cardiovascular Systems To Orthodontics To Medical Equipment

Precision Coil Spring has been serving the medical and biotechnology markets for decades. Through our experience, we know how important it is to uphold precise design and manufacturing standards for the parts we create due to the oftentimes life-saving nature of the medical devices. That’s why we invest so much into making sure our products are within tolerance and pass critical inspection procedures.

In addition to strict quality requirements, we know that continuous on-time delivery is a key to maintaining your supply chain and upholding your ROI. We approach every project budget and deadline with the same careful approach as we do with our quality and testing standards. So whether you’re looking for a prototype, short run project, or high volume manufacturing, we can work with your delivery and production schedules to meet your needs.

Medical & Biotechnology

Precision Parts For Life-Saving Applications

  • Dental & Orthodontics – Wire forms for braces and other orthodontic appliances for adults and kids
  • Urology – Various parts using in the urology sector such as compression springs for penile implant pumps
  • Medical Resonance Imaging – Springs and metal components used in the construction of MRI machines
  • X-Ray Equipment – Springs, assemblies, and other components used in the manufacturing of dental x-ray equipment
  • Table and bed lifts – Components used to power the key functionalities in medical tables and bed lifts
  • Drug infusers – Measuring and continuity components used in drug infusers for medication administration
  • Medical equipment drawers – Springs & metal parts used to manufacture equipment drawers for the storage of medical equipment
  • Surgical staplers – Springs and components to create the force needed to operate surgical staplers on the operating table

meeting and exceeding all industry standards

ISO9001 Certified

AS9100 Certified

ISO13485 Compliant 

RoHS Compliant

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