Cycle Testing

Taking Products From Theory To Reality

Cycling tests take a wide variety of forms depending largely on the product design and testing requirements. These tests can provide invaluable information regarding the durability and reliability of new materials, vendors, and manufacturing procedures. By using accelerated stress conditions and simulating a real-world environment, our partners can make data-driven decisions faster and easier.

Precision Coil has a wide variety of spring testing and life-cycling machines that allow our partners to gain insight into critical part information before and during the manufacturing process. No longer do our customers have to wait for product failures to know that design and material selections were made correctly. Life cycle testing lets our partners confidently produce and implement their parts, upholding profitability and customer satisfaction.

cycle testing

Key Highlights

  1. Dedicated, In-House Spring Testers

    PCS has eighteen spring testers, giving us the ability to test the part with the correct equipment so accurate results can be used to evaluate the parts performance.

  2. Long & Short Stroke Testing

    PCS has 2 different machines, one for long-stroke/travel requirements, one hydraulic machine for short-stroke/precision testing. Both machines are variable speed and can run multiple tests simultaneously.

  3. Documented Results

    Cycle testing provides documented and verifiable proof that the product can withstand customers’ needed lifetime requirements.

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Behind The Scenes

Cycle Testing In Action