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PCS Manufacturer Representatives

Bob Shelby

Aero Spring, exclusive rep for PCS TX, LA
dotexas@aol.com Phone: 214-213-0119

Jim Pasillas

Precision Coil Spring Company Northern CA & NV
j.pasillas@pcspring.com Phone: 626-444-0561 x 302

Warren Wirth

Precision Coil Spring Company Southern CA & Mexico
w.wirth@pcspring.com Phone: 626-444-0561 x 458

Brian Middleton

D and O Engineering OK, AR, MO, AZ, NM, UT, CO, KS
brian@doengineering.com Phone: 316-686-2808

Dominic Mastroianni

Custom Precision Solutions NC, SC, VA, WV, TN, FL, GA, AL, MS, NY, PA, NJ, MA, NH, RI, MD, DE, ME, VT
sales@custom-precision.com Phone: 919-819-3805

Joe Kordash

Kordash Industrial Components MN, IA, WI, IL, SD, ND
jdkordash@gmail.com Phone: 815-670-3103

Rick Entrop

Northmar Inc WA, OR, ID, MT, AK
rick@northmar.com Phone: 206-524-5170

Tom Blochowski

Tri-State Components, LLC OH, IN, MI
tkblockpp@aol.com Phone: 419-460-1234

Jorge de Matos

JDM Technical Services Canada
jdematos@videotron.ca Phone: 514-626-6446 x21

Ysrael Kanot

Mergers & Business Acquisitions Israel & Turkey
yk@mandba.com Phone: 310-889-9937

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