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Decades of Achievement

Precision Coil Spring prides itself on being approved by all major players in the aerospace industry and having parts on almost every major aircraft. Our extreme attention to detail and advanced engineering and manufacturing processes have earned us the trust and business of every major aircraft manufacturer in North America as well as NADCAP and AS9100 certifications.

With our decades of experience working with companies in the commercial aerospace and space sector, we are well accustomed to abiding by the strict extreme operating standards and high-reliability requirements that are unique to this industry. So whether you’re looking for a prototype, short run project or high volume manufacturing, we can work with your delivery and production schedules to meet your needs.

If It Flies, PCS Powers It

Industry Application Examples

  • Landing Gear – Compression springs in poppet returns, Alleron actuator controls, slat servos, and slat controls
  • Flight Control – Extension springs in automatic patch levers & boom latches. Torsion springs in tall cone levers
  • Interior – Flat forms in door hinges and insulation clips, torsion springs in passenger door entrances
  • Entire Commercial Aircraft – PCS parts are also found in the engine, cockpit, flight control, interior, nose gear, and more
  • Hubble Telescope – Parts to help with heat transfer on the Hubble Telescope
  • Space Shuttle – Various springs and hardware used in the construction of the space shuttles
  • Mars Rover – Springs found in parts of the Mars Rover, like locking latches
  • James Web Telescope – Parts to help with heat transfer on the James Web Telescope

Meeting & Exceeding All Industry Standards

Certified Compliance In Aviation & Space

AS9100 Certified

Boeing BAC


ISO9001 Certified

REACH Compliant


Nadcap Certified

Airbus GRAMS


OEM Specifications

RoHS Compliant