Highly Engineered, Precision Parts

Giving You The Quantity You Demand With The Quality You Expect

One of the key advantages of having a dedicated short-order department is that we have spring experience and craftsmanship that’s unrivaled in the industry. We are well equipped to handle any request for highly engineered design solutions while maintaining the same high-quality standards our customers require.

Our short-order department provides our customers with the end-to-end solutions that maintains the same attention to our customer’s specifications and quality standards. Whether it is one part or one thousand parts, PCS provides our customers the parts and service they expect from a leader in the spring industry.

For Projects With Smaller Quantities

Production Specifications

  1. Product Availability

    Our short-order department provides end-to-end manufacturing services for all wire products, stampings, and flat forms.

  2. Fast Turnaround

    The PCS short-order department was created to offer our customers low-volume production, high-quality performance with industry-leading delivery.

  3. End-to-end Solutions

    Our engineers don’t just focus on quantity but also on the specific production requirements that give your parts the performance and durability your application requires. From heat treating to non-destructive testing, painting to part-marking, our engineering team ensures the manufacturing process satisfies all of your specifications.

custom precision springs

PCS in Action

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