Compression Springs

Key Specifications

Stored Energy

Store energy in push mode instead in addition to creating resistance


Create resistance to applied or compressive force


Used in a wide variety of applications and industries


Made from a wide variety of materials including: Inconel, 17-7, music wire, Titanium, and other exotic and commonplace materials

Exact Spec

Can be customized to meet exact specifications for virtually any application

Used Everywhere

Found frequently in valves, pumps, and general consumer goods

Form Factors

Available in straight, cylindrical, conical, hourglass, barrel forms, etc.

Wire Sizes

Available in wire sizes from .005” to .625”

Wire Types

Can be created from round, square or special cross-section wire

Compression Springs


We most commonly use the following types of alloys in our flagship and custom products: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel-based, cobalt-based, copper-based, and titanium. To view our full materials list, click on the click below.

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Products In Action

Examples Of Our Compression Springs